26 May 2012

Seeing Dots..

Louis Vuitton have officially announced their latest collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, famously known for her brightly coloured dot motif and love of putting dots on everything, including herself.

Kusama's signature primary coloured dots will appear on everything from silk pyjamas, trench coats, bags and jewellery - in store on July 11th. A second collaborative collection lands in October. Here's to some dotted whimsy!

(pictures via. fashionologie)

Nailing It.

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

23 May 2012

Light to Dark, the Hair Issue.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair colour. I have the kind of hair that gets lighter at contact with the sun - I love the different shades I end up with. I hate how many different shades I have in my hair, and the huge contrast between the shades. It's a very Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde situation.
Now that summer's here, I worry that it would get even lighter. It also gets very damaged, burnt and dried out so I have to be very careful.. A few years ago when I was living in Australia it got burnt to death from the Aussie sun and took forever to nurse back to health.

To try and save my hair, and also 'cause I was looking for some kind of change I woke up 2 days ago and decided to dye it. I'm not a fan of using hard dyes and damaging my hair even more, plus I wouldn't want to have to go through the long process of growing it back so my hair stylist suggested something much less permanent which I first tried out a couple of months back - as you can see here and here. The dye starts out very dark then fades back to the original hair colour in a period of 1-2 months depending on how often you wash it/time spent in the sun.

It IS very dark right now, even darker than it looks in the pictures, but I do love it! Morticia Adams is one of my style icons after all *snaps fingers*,

22 May 2012

The Psychiatrist in Prada..

A purple Prada puffer jacket no less.

Prada presented "A Therapy", a 4 minute film, at the Cannes film festival last night. Directed by Roman Polanski, and casting Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter (!!!).. The film depicts an extremely rich character (Helena Bonham Carter) retelling a dream to her psychiatrist, and unloading all her daddy issues, "I'm a very lonely person. I think it's because I'm rich and Daddy left me everything.. I love my Daddy. But his money was a curse.".. However, he's completely mesmerized by her fur trimmed purple puffer jacket and could think of nothing else from the moment he helps her out of it.

He finally succumbs and tries it on as the music drowns her out. I have to say, the fur collar really does contrast nicely with his bald head.

21 May 2012

Monday Shoeday: Silvers..

(Metallic Mesh Silver Superga Sneakers, Pour La Victoire Suede Flats both at Shopbop)

I've been having issues with my knees (23 feels like 73 right now) and have been forced to the realization that the majority of the shoes inhabiting my shoe closet have a 4 inch heel.. Not a very practical height in my situation, and apparently a major cause of my knee issues. Beauty is pain, but health does come first so I decided to invest in some new flats.

It IS a complete accident that they both have silver details, but I didn't realize that till I was checking the contents of my shopping cart out on Shopbop.. Last pair of heels I bought did have silver cap toes too! I  may be a little obsessed with having silver feet, but there you have it. The last flats I bought (around 7 months ago) were Pour La Victoire and they are the comfiest, and it doesn't hurt that they look amazing. I never was the sneaker-wearing kind of girl but I love the unique take on such a classic sneaker.. Metallic mesh and silver cap toes were calling my name.

20 May 2012

Velvet Crush..

I haven't posted in ages, a family situation has gotten me busy and distracted since I got back from London, and my head really isn't where it usually is. I haven't taken any recent outfit pictures, but luckily I remembered that I have a couple of unposted ones to hold me over till things (hopefully) get better! Thanks to everyone who still checked the blog, 1000 views when I haven't posted anything new is quite the cheer-upper!

                                (top- Evil Twin, skirt- Mink Pink, cuff- House of Harlow 1960, shoes- Forever 21, bag- Alexander Wang)

When I was a kid, I used to have the weirdest reaction to anything velvet. I'd start shaking as soon as I touched it and felt like I'd be sick. I was a weird kid. But eventually I realized, "hey, I kinda love you velvet! Now let's be friends and make up for those lost years." And make up we did. I love you crushed blue velvet skirt, let's be BFFs?

06 May 2012

Post-London Post & Vogue Fest

So, hi! I fully intended to write whilst in London, and I packed my laptop and camera but my days were so long I barely had time to change and watch an episode of Mad Men before crawling to bed at night. 

I'm back in Bahrain now and honestly missing London a lot more than I thought I would.. This short trip just made me want to move back to my little house in Portobello, and wake up to reggae music playing on the street outside every weekend.

Vogue Fashion Festival, meetings, seeing friends, my sister meeting me in London, shopping, Brick Lane, Portobello Road, William Richard Green presentation at the V&A.. Let's just say I had to catch up on a lot of sleep when I got back.

So back to #VogueFest. If you're following me on twitter and instagram you would've read the countless tweets covering the first time, two day event. It wasn't a festival per se, I think the best word would be seminar as the days were packed with discussion panels and talks with the likes of Tom Ford, David Bailey, Stella McKartney, Dolce & Gabbana, DVF, Tim Walker, Alexandra Shulman, Lucinda Chambers, Simone Rocha, Mary Katrantzou, Nicholas Kirkwood, J.W Anderson (and the list goes on..). I'd say that it was even more motivational than educational, and it was an opportunity to get a glimpse of their lives/what goes on in their creative little heads. 
Besides my extremely detailed tweets on @glaregypsy, here are some pictures from the event!

David Bailey mid taking a seat, and Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman

Vogue Merchandise

Dolce & Gabbana talking about 'Familia, Amore & Italianita'

Stella McKartney in a talk with Kate Hudson

One of Diane Von Furstenbergs first ads

Examples ofTim Walker (photographer) and Kate Phelans 's (ex-Vogue fashion editor) iconic pictures

Met the delightful Susie Bubble!

Tom Ford, as charming as can be.

David Koma, J.W Anderson and James Long