29 July 2012

Clutching at Jil Sander

Two very different clutches, one girl stuck in the middle trying to figure out the difficult task of picking a favourite. 

In what could be the fashion equivalent of having to choose with your head Vs. your heart, the question of want/need and trendy/classic comes up very regularly. With so many designers these days managing to mix both classic cuts and fabrics with the colours and prints of the season and giving us a spin on the basic, you wouldn't think you'd need to choose as nearly everything could be rationalized as a "future classic".

Jil Sander gives us two ends of the spectrum. The conventionally shaped envelope bag still retains some edginess with soft deerskin leather in grey and large metal details. This is a clutch you'll be carrying well into your old age.

 Jil Sander Deerskin Envelope Bag in grey

The Vasari bag is far from a classic.. The two words that come to mind are "paper bag" which you wouldn't really equate with a timeless handbag that could and would probably outlive you. Part of the A/W 12 men's collection, the black version of this bag has already sold out on Net-A-Porter's brother website, Mr. Porter, weeks ago.
 Jil Sander Medium Vasari Bag

If I had to pick, and setting aside the question of "How durable is 100% coated paper, really??!", I would go with a Jil Sander embossed paper bag, because well, when have I have ever listened to my head?


hysteric_ego said...

You buy the envelope bag, I'll buy the paper bag! We'd look stunning! :) xx Cedric

haijun fan said...

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