20 May 2012

Velvet Crush..

I haven't posted in ages, a family situation has gotten me busy and distracted since I got back from London, and my head really isn't where it usually is. I haven't taken any recent outfit pictures, but luckily I remembered that I have a couple of unposted ones to hold me over till things (hopefully) get better! Thanks to everyone who still checked the blog, 1000 views when I haven't posted anything new is quite the cheer-upper!

                                (top- Evil Twin, skirt- Mink Pink, cuff- House of Harlow 1960, shoes- Forever 21, bag- Alexander Wang)

When I was a kid, I used to have the weirdest reaction to anything velvet. I'd start shaking as soon as I touched it and felt like I'd be sick. I was a weird kid. But eventually I realized, "hey, I kinda love you velvet! Now let's be friends and make up for those lost years." And make up we did. I love you crushed blue velvet skirt, let's be BFFs?

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