22 May 2012

The Psychiatrist in Prada..

A purple Prada puffer jacket no less.

Prada presented "A Therapy", a 4 minute film, at the Cannes film festival last night. Directed by Roman Polanski, and casting Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter (!!!).. The film depicts an extremely rich character (Helena Bonham Carter) retelling a dream to her psychiatrist, and unloading all her daddy issues, "I'm a very lonely person. I think it's because I'm rich and Daddy left me everything.. I love my Daddy. But his money was a curse.".. However, he's completely mesmerized by her fur trimmed purple puffer jacket and could think of nothing else from the moment he helps her out of it.

He finally succumbs and tries it on as the music drowns her out. I have to say, the fur collar really does contrast nicely with his bald head.

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