18 April 2012

London Calling*

                                      (dress- Fairground, belt- Vintage, ring- YSL, shoes- Deena & Ozzy, Zara, Alexander Wang, bag- Mulberry)

A quick post as that suitcase is closer to being empty than ready and I'm flying out tonight!

Always been a last minute, stuff everything into my suitcase and sit on it, over-packer even though I do aim to try to pack smarter and organize outfits.. I forget all those good ideas when it's time to get down to the business of folding and stuffing.

I can't wait to get to London! April's been pretty good to me so far, first my birthday and then my little sister coming back home for Easter.. and now Vogue Fashion Festival! It's my first trip back since I moved home from London before Christmas, and I've missed it.. A LOT.

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