22 November 2011

Versace for H&M..

So here's my Versace for H&M haul! Sadly even though I was in the first 80 people to get there, I couldn't get my hands on most of the things I wanted.. most importantly the studded black leather dress! I wanted a few items from the menswear collection too but surprisingly that sold out even faster than the womanswear! Probably because it was open to everyone and you didn't have to queue..

I wasn't planning on getting the black skirt, but I ended up grabbing it in frustration when I saw that most of what I wanted had already sold out. I love the fringe dress and skirt, the skirt comes with a matching top but I didn't really like the cut, so I doubt I'd wear it.

When I was looking at the full Versace for H&M lookbook before the collection came out, I fell in love with what I thought were belts. I double checked the day before the launch and saw that they were actually necklaces! So disappointing, they would have made amazing belts..

(via. fashionologie)

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