29 October 2011

Respect your elders..

The idea of ageing used to terrify me. I felt that as soon as the wrinkles start to appear, I'd be restricted to a life on a couch somewhere wearing a nylon dress. Then I realised that life doesn't end, it evolves into a more advanced stage. You know more, and are more confident with yourself. 

I became fascinated with "fancy old people" and would stare at their outfits on streets and buses.. Ari Seth Cohen took that same fascination to the next level with his blog, Advanced Style. He roams the streets, snapping pictures of the most stylishly advanced ladies (and some videos too!) 

As well as some amazing pictures, I love the style advice some of those ladies provide like "Accessories are your Successories". I mean, have you heard truer words? 

(via advancedstyle)

As 100 year old Ruth says, "Celebrate everyday and don't look at the calender."

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